1970 Chuck Wagon Dog Food Commercial

1970 Chuck Wagon Commercial – Remember this one? I used to run to the TV as a kid to see this… I remember thinking this was really a minature chuck wagon with horses, and I wanted one of my own real bad.
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  1. Brian is pissed.

  2. I remember those old dog food commercials where the dog was chasing the chuck wagon, but I always thought that the gimmick was for Gravy Train brand dog food. That’s going to screw up a Crazy Train parody I’m writing called Gravy Train because I confused the two products (probably because they both claimed that their products made its own gravy when you added water).

  3. rubylilyandwinston Reply July 28, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    back then,dogs ate good.

  4. I would have been scared out of my wits if i actually saw a little horse-pulled chuck wagon racing across my kitchen floor.

  5. @PeeWeesGirlie

    Haha, I know someone who was disappointed when the scrubbing bubbles didn’t appear after they sprayed the product xD

  6. @FlowingDepths I would flip out and maybe grab a shotgun and tried shooting it…!

  7. My dog would flip out if that little wagon ran across the floor that way xD

  8. Big chunks of what is what I would like to know? I mean, is it meat?

  9. @ScottLanter OMG! ME TOO! I was so happy when my dad finally bought this dog food brand. It was so disappointing when the little chuckwagon didn’t show up after he opened it. :-) I think there may be a lot of us who felt this same way.

  10. A Spinal Tap moment. Thanks, Marty DeBergi.

  11. I just read your video description and I’m blown away. I thought I was the only one who believed there was an actual live miniature chuck wagaon that was in the bag. I remember trying to get my folks to switch to the Chuck Wagon brand just so I could watch the little horses pull the wagon around our house. Too funny!!!!!!

  12. thumbs up if you got here from the family guy FAQ question

  13. Hey isn’t that the petticoat junction dog?

  14. i love the family guy reference to this commercial.

  15. absolutely no way that dog is going to eat that whole bowl! and shame on the owner for giving their dog such an unhealthy amount of food! now im gonna go hug a tree.

  16. Yum, looks tasty…hehe

  17. I liked this commercial but what’s with the tiny box? Looks like about a three day supply.

  18. Brian: *sigh* someday……

  19. dsfasdf

  20. remmber you gave bowls away?I had one for eons .Several pets came and whent used that bowl.

  21. When I was little, I wanted that dog to catch that “chuck wagon” and tear it into red, juicy chunks.

  22. @CRWrestlingfan Well, Petticoat Junction was a 60s show, so I never saw it on CBS either, but I *did* see “Benji” in the theater in 1974. I’m with ya, I’ve always loved Benji, too. In fact, Joe Camp, who directed “Benji,” wrote an interesting book about working with Higgins (Benji) and his trainer, Frank Oz, called “Benji & Me.” I think you’d really like it. If you’re interested, amazon dot com might have it. The Christian Research Institute also has it at equip dot org.

  23. @wannawatchu66 awwwwwww thats sad. I am only 20, so im not really totally familiar with Petticoat Junction and ive seen a little of Benji, but the dog is cute and i do like Benji

  24. this is makin me hungry….i used to always want the dog to catch that wagon…lol

  25. these retro commercials are so soothing!